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Yes, we know it’s not that simple. We also know that it is not “Impossible” too. Mindfulness is meditation. NO!?

You probably had a lot of painful experiences earlier. These experiences might have converted into some kind of:

1. Mistakes

2. Accidents

3. Injustices

All these might have resulted in phobias, anxieties, insecurities etc.

Unlike all these, there might be some positive things also from the past, that might have influenced your life as well.

You might have also achieved beautiful things that boost up your courage and self-esteem. There might be amazing memories that kept you happy whenever you think of them – and…

Ah! They are beautiful! Isn’t It?

Well, for many people, it is hard to let go of the past.

Oh, it’s ok, that’s completely normal.

Though it is normal, yet we have to come out of this mental block.

Yes, I have called it a “mental block”. The reason behind this is that your past memories, events have blocked your mind, subconsciously.

Till time, our past will sit like a hen on our mind, till that day, we will not be able to live fully. The reason being for this is that we are unable to let go of things.

Read the article on mindfulness fully, to know how you will be able to let go of things easily. How to do mindful activities?

Mindful Definition:

10 Ways to Define Mindfulness - Mindful

The picture above may depict the correct meaning of Mindful activities you can do.

Well, everybody and everyone talk about mindfulness, but these days nobody describes it so intensely.

I am going to brief you on some important points that can define mindfulness. Below are they:

1. Range of different practices.

2. It can be a co-created environment that results in positive outcomes.

3. Any teaching that can better describe the word “Dharma”.

4. It may be a state of self-awareness, that actually describes some particular qualities or positivities in you.

5. It is a human ability to be aware of what they are doing at present.

I guess! It is really important for you to watch our video first:

Getting Started with Mindfulness - Mindful

Today we want to show you how you can let go of the past that keeps impacting your life.

Clinical psychology and psychiatry since the 1970s have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on mindfulness for helping people experiencing a variety of psychological conditions“.

So, let go of the things and form a new YOU.

“JUST” follow these:

1. Deal with your emotions and change your narrative:

The first and foremost on the path of mindfulness is that you should start with is:

a) handling your emotions by focusing on them.

b) Deal with them.

c) If you’re sad, have a good cry.

Now, you have to understand two things here:

1) Firstly, from time to time, you will feel emotions that are unpleasant.

It’s ok, give time to yourself and be determined that, these emotions don’t have to stop you or prevent you from living your own life.

So, you have to handle your emotions, so that you can let go of them.
2) Secondly, change your pattern of negative thinking. It’s the only way for you to be able to move on and let go of things.

2. Acceptance

The second most important thing in the race of mindful activities is to “Accept everything that has happened.

Yes, we know that it is difficult but you have to refuse to stay affected by it.

It will probably take time and work, to let go of the past, but it’s a journey worth taking.

You can probably do this with the help of:

a) Journaling: Journaling can really help you with acceptance.

b) Writing: Writing your feelings will also help you in feeling better.

c) Thoughts: Your thoughts create your emotions if you write them it will make you feel better

All the three above simple techniques will make you go in the right direction.

3. Live in the present

Take time to focus on the present moment.

a) Notice the sounds

b) Smell, take a feel of the things that you are using.
c) Visualize

d) Focus on what makes you happy right now.

Soon, you will realize, when you are living in the present you are free from your past.

4. You are not your past

Keep in mind that your past does not define you.

You are not, your mistakes, your memories, your accidents, or what other people said or treated you. You are you. Right!

You cannot change your past. So, the best is to get over your regrets.

“You know with mindfulness, life’s in the moment” The Harvard Gazette

5. See the past as a life lesson

Life is about the progression of events that are intended to teach us important lessons. When we find the lesson, we start letting go of what had happened.

It may take a while to process and discover the answer, but once you’ve answered it, things can change for your betterment.

So, whenever you’re in a hard situation, or you struggle to let go, always ask yourself what
you have learned from them.

The above-mentioned points on Mindfulness can really help you to overcome your from your past and you can live in the present.

Ivan Nuru rightly saidIf it is out of your hands, it deserves freedom from your mind too”.

Wrapping up

“Moving on is not forgetting the past, it’s learning from it. Find the message in the
mess…cry. Forgive. Learn. That’s moving on.”

“Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past, it’s about having the
wisdom to embrace the present.”

Closure happens right after you accept that “letting go and moving on”, is so important
for your mental health.

Remember that the past is just an illusion. You are here, now, and, the present moment is the only real moment we will ever have. So, close the door and move forward.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist. If you experienced severe trauma, please get professional help.

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