IPAC is a professionally managed Psychometric Assessment, Counselling and Training Institute which is working tirelessly in mind designing by providing dynamic, vibrant and quality based humble services. Our especially designed mind programs are aimed at preparing individuals with necessary skills, knowledge and attitude that will facilitate them to take on the challenges offered by the changing technologies and to live happy and blissful life.

We believe that: “The way you design your clothes with right fabric and color combination so that it enhances your outer appearance. You design your home so that it improves the aesthetic appeal and makes it more livable and pleasant. Likewise, it’s very important to design your mind by putting the right combination in it so that it improves your thinking pattern and enhances your ability to deal with today’s stressful lifestyle.”

Our team comprises of exceptionally skilled, highly motivated and committed professionals who facilitate in mind designing for seamless transformation of our clients and help them to grow freely so that their innate goodness will shine forth.


To become the life force of our clients by designing their minds and help them to identify their inner potential and empower them to optimize performance and productivity.


To build a diverse and energetic community by designing minds with the right combinations.