Dr Rakesh Chopra has a dream that every ambitious entrepreneur must feel free of handicaps, so he offers an interactive Webinar on “5 Secrets to Multiply Profits” On 24th April 2021 from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm. The focus of the webinar is to help the entrepreneur define his/her enhanced profit strategy.

For the last 40 years Dr Rakesh Chopra has helped numerous companies and ambitious entrepreneurs to multiply profits through innovative growth strategies; that too without any stress or struggle or any major capital investment.

Journey towards adding Zero to the Bottom Line

In this interactive webinar, Dr Chopra will be sharing with you the Foundation Secret followed by the five of the secrets that he has shared with his clients that have been key in multiplying their profits and last but not the least – the Take-off Secret.

As an analogy, multiplying profits is the fertile seed planted within your mind. The four ingredients where you need to establish your clarity and strength are

1. Values 2. Product or Service 3. Process and 4. People

The manure, water and care for your well-defined profit strategy is your 100% commitment to yourself, blended with the professional profit mentoring.

Bust the myths that are killing your Profit

When I ask people, “Do you want to multiply your profits?” The instant answer is, “Yes, for sure.” And when I ask, “What are you doing for that?” Then the normal reaction is, “I can’t do it because …….” Their minds are blocked because of different reasons. These are the myths that block you to gain your profits. To know more about myths that are killing your profit knowingly or unknowingly, watch this video now:

What will you learn?

1. The essential shift you’ll need to make in your role within your business if you want to multiply your profits.
2. Why your current profit strategy will fail if you want to multiply your profits, and what to do instead.
3. The mathematical concept that fuels multiplication of profits.
4.  How a lack of finance for expansion can be overcome.
5. The difference between a strategy for incremental growth and one for exponential growth.

Why must you join the webinar?

1. You want to achieve your current goals in less time with less effort.
2. You wish to multiply your profits and achieve exponential growth.
3. You are frustrated by the energy lost in unproductive activity within you and or your core team.
4. You want to achieve exceptional results yet still have a life outside of work.

Improved Profit beyond Imagination

About the Mentor

Dr Rakesh Chopra has a dream that every ambitious entrepreneur must feel free of handicaps, so he offers an interactive webinar on “5 Secrets to Multiply Profits” for any group of entrepreneurs followed by one free Profit Strategy Mentoring Session after the webinar to help the entrepreneur define his/her enhanced profit strategy.

  40+ years
of Experience

  Touched more than 1 million people
  Mentoring and training people all over the globe.
Helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies to substantially
increase their profits
Guided over 1 million people in how to achieve Effortless Success by
living the principles of Samarpan Yog.
His clients include corporations, government departments and
educational establishments, SMEs, individual business professionals and
 Author of the book entitled: “The Stress Cyclone: Suffer or
Emerge Out – the choice of yours” and “How to manage difficult people”
  Made numerous TV and radio appearances and has been a speaker at
various national and international events

I highly recommend Dr. Chopra to any organization or individual that is looking to increase their measure of success and achieve excellence. Working with him provides a return on investment that cannot be imagined in the beginning, but unfolds over time, producing excellent results.
Sara Toole
Director of New Media at – USA

Dr. Chopra comes across as a thorough professional. He provides services with great involvement. I appreciate his passion and team spirit. I recommend him as a mentor because I have seen a positive change in my team. Great Collaborator with amazing energy, at par excellence are a few of the traits that make him stand out in a crowd.
Amit Dhawan
Managing Director at G4S FM – India

Benefits of attending this webinar?

1. Learn 5 secrets to multiply profits and how they could impact on your business.
2. Learn from Dr Chopra’s wide experience of helping entrepreneurs and companies increase their turnover and multiply profits through his understanding of the principles of exponential growth, his ability to handle difficult people successfully and his skill at mentoring clients to expand success through dealing with any obstacles to business and personal growth.
3. Have the opportunity of arranging a free individual Profit Strategy Mentoring session with Dr Chopra.
4. An opportunity to network with other ambitious entrepreneurs and to learn from their expertise.

Who is this webinar suitable for?

Ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who, having achieved success, want to take their business to the next level. 

Mentoring with Dr. Chopra is very enlightening because he is authentic, wise and very honest. He tells you like it is in a professional way. He has refreshing insights and is not imposing. After the 1st few sessions I started to see clearly how I can add zeros to my current income. Thank you Dr. Chopra.
Frida A Owinga
CEO & Founder of PassionProfit Limited, Kenya

I am amazed to see the authority Dr Rakesh Chopra has on the subject. In fact, he lives the concept he shares.
Maj. Gen. D. N. Khurana, AVSM (Retd)
Former Director General, All India Management Association – India


The webinar will be highly interactive with group discussions, case studies and role play.


1. Focus to build up your brand
2. Your strategy to add a zero to your profits
3. Your focused investment when you don’t have money
4. Who is managing your business?
5. Your method to multiply profits
6. What is your strategy for high value growth?
7. Value addition to your clients

Duration: 2 hours

Your Investment: INR 3100 (UK £30 – USA $42) per person after covid discount of INR 1900. Regular Price – INR 5000

Your Free Gift

You also have the privilege to avail the special offer of a free gift worth INR 10,000 (UK £97 – USA $ 134) of one Profit Strategy Mentoring Session of 30 minutes after the webinar with Dr Rakesh Chopra.

Explore Hidden Opportunities and Transformed Business

Why Online?
– A convenient learning mode that gives you flexibility to develop from wherever you are right now.

What if I get disconnected from the webinar?
– You can always click on the link and the team will admit you in the webinar.

People of which age group can attend this webinar?
– All ambitious entrepreneurs who want to multiply profit through innovative growth strategy.

How will I join the webinar?
– After you book the seat, you will be added in the WhatsApp group. You will receive the link of Zoom on the day of the webinar. You can just click the link and join the webinar from 11 am to 1 pm.

From where will this webinar be broadcasted?
– The webinar will be broadcasted through Zoom.

Do I need to download any app for this online webinar?
– You only need to click on the Zoom link sent to you.

What if I have to leave the webinar due to any reason/condition?
– You can let us know with an emergency notice at least two days before the webinar. Our team will contact you and guide you that how you can attend the program next time.

Will I get a reminder before the webinar begins?
– Yes, our team will be in touch with you through WhatsApp group.

Will I get a certificate after attending the webinar?
– Yes

Can I get a refund on the purchased ticket?
– Yes, in case of any emergency, you can get refund if you inform at least two days before the webinar.

Which are the days wherein I can get on-call assistance?
– You can call Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 7 pm ( +91 99119 03358, +91 88605 55898

“Dr Chopra effortlessly offers organisations something really unique. You probably won’t even notice it at first but, in coming alongside you and your senior team, they will eradicate negative stress and wasteful effort. What you will notice, straight away, is that they can help you to release productive energy and passion across your entire organisation. All this, and more, is achieved in a soft, subtle, non-threatening way that instills confidence!”
John James Dew OBE
Managing Director, Dew Cadre Change Associates Ltd – United Kingdom

A totally new, down to earth concept, brilliantly rendered.
Ravi Kant
Chairman, Central Board of Direct Taxes – India

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On 24th April, 2021 from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm

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