How to get what you want?

You’re not alone…

Most of the parents are unable to manage their children and thus are suffering. 

An ambitious parent had been struggling to manage her 13 yrs old teen. Her child kept insulting her …didn’t listen to her, in fact almost all the time they kept arguing for something or the other. Every morning she made a commitment not to yell, to stay calm, and to choose to love but she failed.  She felt like she is a horrible parent.

She didn’t know how to handle all these until she discovered this priceless secret of “How to get what you want?” (बात कैसे करें कि बात बन जाए) by Dr Rakesh Chopra, Visionary Strategist.

You know…the biggest struggle with Parents these days is that they don’t know how to respond when kids say mean things or insult them in front of everyone.

But now, this struggle is over because Dr Chopra is going to share this simple yet amazing secret with you during a well researched two hours webinar.

This is a guaranteed way to manage your child in a healthy way.

Hundreds of thousands of parents have already benefitted from this and now it is your chance to get an exclusive 2 hours experiential training by Dr Rakesh Chopra thus learn and develop the secret art of communicating with your child in just four steps.

Video by Dr KomalPreet Kaur, Mind Designer

Don’t miss this Golden Opportunity to learn this Priceless secret

“How to get what you want?”
(बात कैसे करें कि बात बन जाए)

A webinar by Dr Rakesh Chopra, Visionary Strategist

on Saturday 6th March 2021 from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm

Hurry! Only limited seats. Grab your seat fast

Rs 3100 per participant because of Covid Discount as against the regular fee of Rs 7000. Please remember to claim your special gift worth Rs 10,000 if you register before 1st March 2021

About the Mentor

Dr Rakesh Chopra (Visionary Strategist) is a pioneer in the field of relationship management. He did more than 40 years of research and development in Relationship Management and devised this priceless secret of “How to get what you want?” (बात कैसे करें कि बात बन जाए).

He is having

✓      40+ years of Experience
✓      Touched more than 1 million people
✓      Mentoring and training people all over the globe.
✓      Helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies to substantially increase their profits
✓      Guided over 1 million people in how to achieve Effortless Success by living the principles of Samarpan Yog.
✓      His clients include corporations, government departments and educational establishments, SMEs, individual business professionals and entrepreneurs.
✓      Author of the book entitled:  “The Stress Cyclone: Suffer or Emerge Out – the choice of yours” and “How to manage difficult people”
✓      Made numerous TV and radio appearances and has been a speaker at various national and international events.

Learn the secret that is easy to understand and practical to implement, to master your communication with your children.​

Why this Program?

In this webinar you will learn the four step formula which will help you to communicate with your child in a way that they do what you want without even telling or yelling.
Develop the practical skill to effortlessly negotiate with your child
● Raise respectful, responsible and disciplined child
● Enjoy healthy and happy relationship with your child
● Create strong and emotional bonding with your child
● Manage conflicts successfull
● Identify your enemy – understand the root of your struggle in thoughts and behaviours
● The biggest power: A guide towards gaining back your honour
● Discover the finest strategy to deal with your child’s behaviour

This 2 hours program will give you the strategy to transform your relationship into valuable and warm relationship and finally get what you want without asking from your child. The Key Focus to Learn

How it is different from YouTube videos and books?
– As you gain more knowledge, so many questions and doubts arise in your mind. Here you have got the chance to directly interact with the pioneer of relationship management and clear your doubts. Also, you will get a special gift worth Rs 10,000 if you register before 1st March 2021.

What all do I need to attend this webinar?
– The first requirement is your 100% Commitment to self to live a blissfully balanced life, particularly in relationships. Secondly, you can simply book your seat by making the required payment.

People don’t change, then how is it possible to work on relations?
– The purpose of the webinar is not to change anyone but just to define a new direction and start the process of development.

Will this help me to manage generation gap with my kids?
– This online webinar will open your eyes to the process of identifying what guides you towards a smooth relationship.

Children these days are so intelligent, do you think there is any way that they can be handled?
– Yes, in this online webinar you learn to master and shape relationship by managing the differences.

How only 2 hours can change my point of views and relation?
– Because the ideas shared are easy to understand and practical to implement.

A video by Waasuli Kalsi, Compatibility Mentor 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Online?
– A convenient learning mode that gives you flexibility to develop from wherever you are right now.

What if I get disconnected from webinar?
– You can always click on the link and the team will admit you in the webinar.

People of which age group can attend this webinar?
– Any parent who wishes to learn and develop constructive relationship with their child.

How will I join the webinar?
– After you book the seat, you will be added in the WhatsApp group. You will receive the link of Zoom on the day of the webinar. You can just click the link and join the webinar at 11 am on 6th March 2021

From where will this webinar be broadcasted?
– The webinar will be broadcasted through Zoom.

Do I need to download any app for this online workshop?
– You only need to click on the Zoom link sent to you.

What if I have to leave the webinar due to any reason/condition?
– You can let us know with an emergency notice at least two days before the webinar. Our team will contact you and guide you that how you can attend the program next time.

Will I get a reminder before the webinar begins?
– Yes, our team will be in touch with you through WhatsApp group.

Will I get a certificate after attending the webinar?
– No, there is no formal certification required for parenting.

Can I get refund on the purchased ticket?
– Yes, in case of any emergency, you can get refund if you inform at least two days before the webinar

Which are the days wherein I can get on-call assistance?
– You can call Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 7 pm ( : +91 99119 03358, +91 88605 55898)

Don’t miss this Golden Opportunity to learn this Priceless secret

“How to get what you want?”
(बात कैसे करें कि बात बन जाए)

A webinar by Dr Rakesh Chopra, Visionary Strategist

on Saturday 6th March 2021 from 11.00 am till 1.00 pm

Hurry! Only limited seats. Grab your seat fast